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May 2024 - Personal Exhibition at «Julianos Kattinis Foundation», Rome, ITALY


29 December/12 January 2024 - International Art Exhibition for the “TEODORICO AWARD for Art and Culture”, Ravenna, ITALY


5-15 October 2023 - «MILAN PHOTOFESTIVAL 2023», MA-EC Gallery, Palazzo Durini, Milan, ITALY


14/17 September 2023 - «Sanremo Biennial ArteExpo», Hariston Theater, Sanremo, ITALY


June/October 2023 - Exhibition at L’Art en Chemin Festival, «Passage / Pa sage», Oise, FRANCE


May 18/21, 2023 - Exhibition at « Exposition de l’Art Actuel TOKYO édition Paris 2023», Bastille Design Center, Paris, FRANCE


May 20/28, 2023 - Exhibition at «II° BIENNIAL Tribute to Maestro GIUSEPPE SCALVINI 2023», curated by Cristiano Plicato Curator of the Scalvini Museum Desio MB Italy, Desio, ITALY


May 13/27, 2023 - «GIACOMO CASANOVA» International Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Venice Art Gallery, Venice, ITALY



- Presented by Sgarbi - Spoleto Pavilion, Ivancich Palace, Venice, ITALY


April 29 to 11 May, 2023 - Exhibition at «Dante and the Artists», Casa Dante Museum, Firenze, ITALY


January 14/22, 2023 - «WOMAN 2020» exhibition, Cartiera Latina (Nagasawa room), Appia Antica Regional Park, Rome, ITALY


October/ December 2022 -«ANTHROPOCENE Biennial», Collective exhibition at the MAC

Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art of the small format, Guercino (FR), ITALY

August 11/21, 2022 - Exhibition at Museum The National Art Center in Tokyo, JAPAN


June 7/10, 2022 - International Collective Art Exhibition «ECOLOGICAMENTE», organized by the Art Center of Castel Gandolfo as part

of the «Riambientiamoci» event at the Municipality of Parghelia (VV), ITALY


June 2022 - Exhibition Asia Kowalczewska

«Art Festival Poland», Łodź, POLAND


June 3/30/2022 - Personal Exhibition «Art Photography & Multimedia Show» at Municipal Cultural Center Łodź, POLAND


May 7/31, 2022 - «ANTROPOCENE Biennale», Art GAP Gallery, Rome, ITALY


May/June 2022 - «Preludio alla Biennale», Venice Art Gallery, Venice, ITALY


October 28/31, 2021 - «SALON D’AUTOMNE 2021», Champs Elysées, Paris, FRANCE


September 25/2 October 2021 - «Asia

Kowalczewska Art Festival Mexico-Poland», Oaxaca, MEXICO


September 23/30, 2021 - «WOMAN 2021» Exhibition, Cartiera Latina (Nagasawa room), Appia Antica Regional Park, Rome, ITALY


Sabrina Aureli is a multidisciplinary visual artist.

She was born in Rome in 1965, as a child she showed a passion for art and music. At the age of 10 she enrolled in an oil painting course given by a master of religious frescoes.  Upon completion she received  the young artist award of Rome.

She studied at the Cogno Associati Communication Study Center graduating with a Master's degree of Science in visual communications (graphic design, art direction and multimedia).  After graduation she worked  for advertising agencies whose clients were famous brands and design studios, fashion and non-profit communication. For the past years Sabrina has applied her expertise as an art director specializing in graphic design, typography, publishing as well as vector illustration, photo manipulation, retouching and video.

She cooperates with writers, directors, architects, composers, illustrators, photographers, designers, developers, creative teams and studios.  


Design: Experienced in research and concept development, print, packaging, illustration, web, video, typography and type design, branding and identity development, copywriting, and environmental graphics. 

Technical: Adobe Creative Suite

Wordpress, Director, Wix, MailChimp


My artistic approach is expressed through photography and its multiple possibilities.

It is intimately linked to the world of dreams.

​I received the 2nd prize at the International Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art «Ecologically» organized by the Art Center of Castel Gandolfo (Rome) as part of the event «Riambientiamoci» 2022, aimed at supporting the bond that often exists between artists, Flora and fauna. I won the Fine Art Professional Award in Creative Quarterly 65, 2021 and Fine Art Professional Honorable Mention in Creative Quarterly 63, 2020.The Salond’Automne jury selected my work for the October 2021 annual exhibition on Champs-Elysées, Paris and publications in the Press Release and to exhibit at the National Art Center of Tokyo in the 2022, in collaboration with the Club of Friends of Europe and the Arts and the French Embassy/French Institute of Japan, organized by the Japan International Artists Society.

I was selected to participate in the Collective Exhibition «ANTROPOCENE Biennale» at the MAC Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art of the small format in Guercino (FR), ITALY and Collective Exhibition at Exposition de l’Art Actuel TOKYO édition Paris 2023 Bastille Design Center and VENICE PROBIENNALE 2023 - Presented by Sgarbi - Spoleto Pavilion, Ivancich Palace, Venice, ITALY.

I was selected to participate in the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Dante and the Artists",  in the Casa di Dante Museum, Florence and Exhibition at «II° BIENNIAL TRIBUTE TO MAESTRO GIUSEPPE SCALVINI 23», in the Scalvini Museum Desio MB Italy, Desio, ITALY. I was honored to receive an award from the Simone Gargiulo Mayor of Desio OF artist with special mention and  «TEODORICO AWARD for Art and Culture», Ravenna, Italy.


Some works have been published in the New letter for the General Secretariat of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), who promotes better policies for #BetterLives.

Permanent exhibition in the Saatch Art Gallery. I was honored in the article written about my work by Bruno Cimino writer, journalist, screenwri- ter and director.

Poetry, architecture, design, music, cinema, as well as philosophy, mythology and alchemy are my daily influences. I started by exploring drawing, then oil painting, and finally computer design programs, before becoming interested in photography, a medium that allowed me to develop my personal technique, and to create the atmosphere of my work.

It works with metaphysical resonance, preserving magic and mystery...

Photography is the raw material, which is then formed by a computer pictorial work.

The idea is to represent reality in an unreal way (not photographic), that is in a subjective way. A "better living in the world" is possible thanks to the imagination and reverie, in the infinity of inside and outside. And even if the characters reflect loneliness or longing, it is a happy loneliness or longing. The sky, permanent, is a place of transcendence and infinity, as well as the sea or metaphorically the swimming pool, the presence of water which is life, our mother who welcomes us, our first home, a protective intimacy our living space and our first place in the world.

The clouds depicted indicate movement, instability, and reality suspended between earth and sky. Birds are mediators between heaven and earth as well as angels, spiritual figures embodied in a theatrical sense. Flight, dream and freedom permeate each of my creations.

And love, the door that opens to poetry, and to the fantastic world.


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